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CS Magoha’s take on the 2019 examinations results release

I can now confidently report to the Nation that the mission of wiping out examination irregularities is largely accomplished. We have managed to completely wipe out the cartels in the sector that leaked examinations year in, year out.

We have restored the credibility of our national academic credentials. Kenyans can now wear mirthful (joyful) and confident faces whenever they are admitted to study in world class universities. They can find jobs in any part of the globe feeling confident that they are equal to any assignments that come their way. It is about time that the country believed in the examination reforms sweeping across our country. The setting, administration and marking of the examinations is absolutely professional.


Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary, Prof George Magoha during the release of the 2019 KCPE examination results in November 18, 2019.

I can look at every Kenyan’s face and assure them that, as their Cabinet Secretary for Education, I will never prefect a system that is not credible. It must remain flawless; we must systematically and meticulously tick every box there is to be ticked to ensure utmost precision in awarding grades to our candidates.

As proof that our reforms are coming of age, the 2019 KCSE results has marked improvement in performance compared to those of the last three years (2016, 2017 and 2018).

This is indeed a confirmation that our teachers are now preparing candidates better and that the learners themselves can now engage in studies knowing well that their performance depends on individual input.

Again, with humility, I thank the country for allowing us to serve in the believe that we would make a difference. I can, therefore, state from the onset that the 2019 KCSE witnessed not an iota of examinations leakage. As we have assured the country, all candidates were able to access the examination questions on the day they were supposed to be administered.

CS Prof. Magoha talks to TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nancy Macharia during the release of the 2019 KCPE as the KNEC Council Chairman Dr. John Onsati looks on.


The Ministry of Education Principal Secretary State Department of Early Learning & Basic Education, Dr Belio Kipsang addressing the audience during the release of the 2019 KCPE results.  




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